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Have you heard the radio commercial where one person asks, "How soon should I get my business on the web?" And another person replies, "Umm, 4 years ago!" Now is the best time for a new personal or business website.

V.S.S. can help you answer these important questions:

Q.) Why choose V.S.S.?
A.) V.S.S. does quality work at affordable prices. In most cases, V.S.S. can be even reasonably priced than any other web design company around the area. V.S.S. is a local company dedicated to working closely with you and providing you the personal attention you deserve. V.S.S. offers website hosting with reasonable monthly rates with no annoying pop-up advertisements. V.S.S. can obtain a WWW (domain) name and register it for you. NOTE: All domain name registrations are contingent on availability. V.S.S. can redesign your existing website to transform it into what you truly want, or create a totally new website. V.S.S. always provides complimentary initial consultations. V.S.S. offers Flash plug-ins for your website. V.S.S. offers a monthly search engine submission to 1500+ search engines to help maximize your chance of getting found via a web browser search. V.S.S can link your social media page (such as Facebook) to your website. If you don't have one, V.S.S. can assist you in the creation of one!

Q.) Do I really need a web site?
A.) Your website needs to be more than just some text and a few pictures up on the Internet, it needs to be an extension of your business! Whatever the size of your business, a web site is rapidly becoming an essential part of your advertising investment. It is estimated that over 1 Billion people will have used the Internet by the year 2012. No other form of advertising exposes your business to so many potential customers for such a small investment. Your product/services will be available to potential customers 24-hours a day, 365 days a year, worldwide. If your customers don't find you on the web, you can bet they'll find one of your competitors!

Q.) What if my business is only local?
A.) Even if your business is solely local, an internet presence is an important form of advertising. Many people use the internet to gather information before making a buying decision. If your customers don't find you on the web, you can bet they'll find one of your competitors!

Q.) Where do I put my website once it's finished?
A.) V.S.S. can offer your to host your website for you, for a minimal monthly fee (paid 1 year in advance).

Q.) What about a domain name for my website?
A.) V.S.S. will obtain and register a domain name for you, for a yearly fee.
NOTE: All domain name registrations are contingent on availability.

Q.) Where do I even begin with planning my website?
A.) V.S.S. will assist you in the planning and designing of your website. We have a Planning Your Website page to help you get started in organizing your content. Feel free to contact us if you have any specific questions.

Q.) What about taking online payments such as credit cards and checks?
A.) V.S.S. can review online merchant options, such as Pay-Pal or credit card processing through a secure server. There are several options available. To receive more information, please contact us.





























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